Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Dreary skies have turned the few hints of spring color into monochromatic tones. Wisdom comes slowly, but it finally crept into the consciousness with the message: "Embrace."

Along the West River trail yesterday, I embraced what was given - images taken in monochrome. A few of those tentative trials ...

"Ice Out"
"Erector Set"
A pond along Middle Road hosted a pair of Hooded Mergansers and invited a "little sit" as they preened and fed. So I sat and took in the color they offered ....

Even on gray, rainy, spring days, there are blue skies to be seen, if we but look.


dAwN said...

Beautiful Grays!

Chris said...

Your monochrome are more than trials Chris. they are very ncie... i love the hooded merganser and hope one day I will see it!


Chris -- Monochrome brings out different highlights. Loved the erector set and the dead-fall -- really loved them all -- barbara


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