Monday, August 08, 2016

Whale Watch Highlights

Our trip to Newburyport was supposed to include a pelagic birding trip, but that was canceled and we settled for a regular whale watch. There were a few pelagic birds along the way, but they were too distant for good photographs.

As always, some of the most interesting photo are serendipitous ... unplanned, and even unknown until reviewed as the fact, as with the passing Common Tern in this photo of a Hump-backed Whale

The whale watching was quite good, with "Owl," a 30 year old Hump-backed Whale doing a series of picturesque dives ...

In the estuary of the Merrimack River, the outflow met the in-coming tide and stirred the fish in the water. The abundance of food at this point is evident is the number of Common Terns fishing ...

Good Birding!!

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