Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Osprey Home Improvement

I remember the early 80s when Osprey hack boxes were set up to help reestablish this species after the devastating effect of DDT. Now, 30 years later, reaction by some to the presence of this magnificent bird is almost ho-hum because they have become so common in appropriate habitats.

At Brigantine there are nesting platforms all along the loop road. I did not start counting how any were occupied until well along the drive, but the number was at least 6-10.

This nest I have watched over a number of years from when it was first put up and a "young couple" began keeping house. They have nested successfully ever since. Here, Mom feeds her young, while Dad keeps watch.

Osprey feeding chicks
Mom, hungry chicks, Dad

After feeding the chicks, she took flight, but not to forage for more food. Apparently, she felt the house needed some additional work, and she returned with a stick.

Taking off to shop

Still not satisfied with the home decor, she made two more trips across the marsh for nesting material ...

Second successful shopping trip

Third shopping trip
 Dad watched the kids, but left the home improvement entirely to Mom - a mother's work is never done!

Good birding!!


Dan Huber said...

Great shots Chris. Wonderful to have all in one shot.

Karen Bonsell said...

Nice post Chris! I couldn't see the heads at the nest I watch, but am going back for another look today! I really love these birds!

KaHolly said...

Delightful post! Put a smile on my face.

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