Monday, May 25, 2015

Bank Swallow et al

On Saturday's Audubon walk in Hinsdlae (the last of five Saturdays), it was clear that the migrants had passed through while the residents were into full breeding mode with territorial singing and defense, courtship display, nest building, and all of the other activities associated with perpetuation of the species.

The highlight for me was the Bank Swallows whose in flight courtship was frenetic and exciting. Occasionally, they even came to rest, and presented a wonderful photo op. Bank Swallow is a new species in my photo library.

Bank Swallow
Bank Swallows

Bank Swallow
Bank Swallow
Back home in the back yard, those fascinating creatures, crows, continue to amuse and delight us as they sneak up on the dog food we put out for them, and go about their own form of family dynamics.

American Crows
 Evening Grosbeaks have returned for yet another year and another round of family raising. While it is considered "uncool" in some nature photography circles, to photograph birds with any evidence of human presence (roads, fences, roof ridges, or whatever), including bird feeders, I have not such qualms. The breeding presence of these colorful birds is in clear evidence at the beginning of the breeding cycle with courtship feeding, as seen here ...

Evening Grosbeaks - courtship feeding
Good birding!!

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