Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Progress, but not over yet!

When I read our local paper Tuesday morning, I might have gotten the impression that Hurricane Irene was completely in the past. There was only one item about the storm, an obvious press release which announced that the FEMA office in Brattleboro would be closing at the end of the day. Okay, the hurricane is all over.

This morning's paper was marginally more aware of the hurricane. Two articles involved local government discussions about costs and rebuilding, and one article about the downtown movie theater reopening. Otherwise, everything is over, done, and complete.

Where I live, this is a stark reminder that media has an extremely short attention span. Here are photos which I took in my neighborhood on Mon, Tue, and Wed (today). It takes time to recover from a disaster. One can only wish (futilely, it would seem) that local media would at least keep neighbors informed that many neighbors are still rebuilding and recovering.

Monday, South Newfane ...

Construction crews begin widening the channel of the Rock River and repairing/replacing the river bank
 Monday, nr Marlboro/Newfane town line ...

Augur Hole Road - construction on new abutment for the bridge currently served by the "Tom Fusco Memorial Bypass"

Telephone line crew working to restore phone service
 Tuesday, South Newfane ...

Continuing work on Rock River
 Wednesday, South Newfane ... another day in which the construction crew began work at 7am, and continued working until 5pm

Repairing river bank

Widening Rock River and repairing the river bank
And on a bird note ... Evening Grosbeaks have been regulars at my bird feeders and in my neighborhood every month for the last several years. Since the flood, I have not seen them, until Tuesday when one flew from the grass in a nearby field and paused in an apple tree ... good luck, and please come back!

Evening Grosbeak


Chris said...

Well medias are medias, they tend to forget quickly after something important happens, mainly because it does not sell enough then. What sells is how big were the damage, not how long it will take to rebuild!!! I guess you have to be patient and it will also take time for mother nature to come back to normal hence the absence of the evening grosbeak! But at least one has reached you for a nice picture ;-)

Noushka said...

Good lord!!
How terrible!
It reminds me of hurricane Floyd, when we were still in North Carolina!
I remember how scared we were. The floods were awful!
Definitely not a situation one wants to find himself in!
your grosbeak is beautiful!
Cheers, Chris!


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