Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Dabblers on the Wing

Ducks typically fly past the birdwatcher so fast that it is difficult to pick up the field marks that we use when the bird is on land or water. Photography has helped me freeze those moments and gain the "ha-ha" that helps me identify them the next time they make the quick  overhead passage.

But, photographing birds on the wing is not easy. Trying to do so has caused me to upgrade my camera equipment several times, from point-and-shoots (wrought with frustration) to the Canon 7D I now use.

Even so, the poor photos have learning value. I begin with 4 such photos which I share only because they do capture those fleeting marks which help identify a duck in flight. (My next post will step up the photo quality.)

American Black Duck
Green-winged Teal (female)
Mallard (female)
Good Birding !!

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Laurence Butler said...

I can totally sympathize, both with the challenge and the great rewards of finally getting that nice shot. It seems like photographing birds in flight is the highest form of bird photography, as it's capturing the birds in their most unique/special element.


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