Wednesday, May 02, 2012

FOY Rose-breasted & White-Crowned

First of the Year (FOY) White-crowned Sparrow was in the yard today - although in the interest of full disclosure, this photo was taken in New Mexico in February - I did not have time to chat with the one in the yard so I don't if he was the same bird in this photo; I did ask this bird to stop by and say "hi." :)

White-crowned Sparrow
Also ... Rose-breasted Grosbeaks appeared Monday (reported in area late last week) - today three males, and at least one female ...

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Rose-breasted Grosbeak - female - just outside kitchen in-need-of-cleaning window.
With both grosbeak in the yard, I feel that "normalcy" post-Irene is near at hand. These guys can certainly brighten a dull gray day. Evening Grosbeaks are beginning to display.

Rose-breasted and Evening Grosbeak.
Good Birding!!


Larry said...

That White-throated Sparrow has the New Mexico look about him. Betcha-it's the same one. I'm envious of your Vermont festival of Grosbeak-beautiful photos-especially the close-up of the male RBGB!

Rory said...

Some beautiful pics.
Not a bad morning of birding! :)

Julie G. said...

Very welcome sights to your backyard I am sure. Gorgeous birds, beautiful photographs!

Chris said...

That last shot is quite colorful in terms of feathers... Well done Chris, it looks like your feeders are successfull!

Kate St. John said...

Oh my! I wish we had evening grosbeaks in Pittsburgh, PA.


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