Saturday, February 09, 2013

Kinglet and Creeper

My recent visit to Heinz NWR at Tinicum in Philadelphia was notable for owls (see previous post) and delighted by kinglets and creepers.

In the Vermont forests where I usually wander, kinglets and creepers are typically elusive; satisfying views are difficult to attain. So when I came upon them working the trees along the trail, I lingered.

As I brought up my camera, this male Golden-crowned Kinglet broke off a piece from the icicle hanging along the tree trunk ...

Golden-crowned Kinglet (male) - Heinz NWR

Kinglet with piece of icicle
 Apparently, the piece was too big to handle/chew. He dropped it, but then returned to the frozen drinking fountain and broke off a smaller piece.

Ahhh ... that hits the spot.

Nearby, a Brown Creeper worked the bottom of branches and crept up the trunk ...

Brown Creepet

... finding something tasty, or at least marginally edible and nutritious, tucked into bark crevices ...

Good birding!


Kathleen Pirruccello said...

Oh, what a treat to see the photos of the golden crowned kinglet. they brought back memories of hiking/birding years ago in Va and Md and having kinglets (I think ruby crowned) "bounce"along at about shoulder height. Keep sharing :-), kathleen

Kathleen Pirruccello said...

oops I forgot to also say that for at least a week, I've had a sweet little brown creeper on the maple tree where most of my bird feeders are. Of course he's only interested in the bark of the tree but I wondered if he chooses this one for the avian camaraderie :-)

Deejbrown said...

Good birding to you, Chris! Great shot of that Creeper!


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