Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ah Spring!

Snow still lingers behind the barn and redpolls have made the occasional visit to the feeders in the last few days ...

Common Redpoll

... but otherwise, all signs point to the arrival of Spring. The Chipping Sparrows are doing vocal battle in the morning, and the "peter, peter, peter" of the Tufted Titmouse proclaims his jealous watch over his territory ...

Tufted Titmouse: "What are you doing of my property?"

In the garden, crocus draw in the honey bees ...

No one needed to "plan" a birders' walk at Herrick's Cove this morning; it just happened as we  welcome the vanguard of the season's migrants and anxiously await the next wave. Among those recent arrivals today were the Yellow-rumped Warblers in splendid breeding attire and Ruby-crowned Kinglets flashing their crown ...

Yellow-rumped Warbler
Ruby-crowned Kinglet

In many wetlands, the geese are well beyond the courtship stage, as this incubating goose attests, her nest perched atop a beaver lodge in Putney's Wilson Wetlands.

Canada Goose
Good birding!

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Anonymous said...

Nice that you are finally getting spring. It looks like our little winter birds are finally getting back up north.


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