Saturday, August 31, 2013

Young Green Heron, eclipse Wood Duck

Birds were generally quiet and secretive at John Heinz NWR on Friday, but there were many signs of the recent breeding season and the change of seasons.

This young Green Heron waited with patience for food to come near ...

Green Heron - immature

... much more patiently than the photographer who hoped to capture its strike. Within seconds of my turning away from the heron, it made a strike and then retreated along the branches to down its meals ...

Green Heron - a successful strike
Green Heron - lunch

Elsewhere, hen Wood Ducks watched over young, and a pair took over a log which rightfully belonged to painted turtles ... at least that seems to be the opinion of the turtle looking on. The Wood Duck on the right is a drake in eclipse plumage.

Wood Ducks & painted turtles

Wood Duck - drake, eclipse plumage

Many young American Robins were following parents, but this young fledgling appears hopeful that a parent will come to it ...

American Robin - fledgling
But the really notable feature of the day was the insects, to be posted soon.

Good Birding!!

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