Thursday, September 11, 2014


Damselflies are a challenge! There is almost nothing to them. They are virtually wisps of the imagination. And oh my! what identification mysteries they can.

Jon Lamm's wonderful little volume, Damselflies of the Northeast, uses three different symbols on the page of each species to indicate whether the species can be identified with (1) binoculars, (2) in the hand, or (3) under a microscope.

These damselflies are all identifiable with binoculars so I am reasonably confident I have gotten them correct.

Eastern Forktail ...

Eastern Forktail 
 Fragile Forktail ...

 Fragile Forktail
 Orange Bluet ...

Orange Bluet
 Rampur's Forktail ...

Rampur's Fortail
 Vesper Bluet ...

 Vesper Bluet
Hopefully I will have Hawk Watch adventures to report soon.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Lovely damsels, it would be difficult to choose a favorite. Love the lighting in the first and last photos.


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