Sunday, November 23, 2014

Late November at Heinz

Winter is beginning to settle onto Heinz NWR. A skim of ice covered the impoundment, providing roosting for gulls, but there were enough open patches to provide forage for at least two dozen herons. Waterfowl moved to protected pools and the tidal Darby Creek. A few images from the brisk day ...

Heinz NWR continues to be the most dependable place in my birding circuit to tick off Rusty Blackbird on my year list (in November and March)

Rusty Blackbird

Green-winged Teal along Darby Creek

Downy Woodpecker

Center city skyline from Heinz

Northern Shoveler

Hooded Merganser
A drake Hoodie in pursuit of his harem??

Hooded Mergansers
Good Birding!!

1 comment:

Wilma said...

Nice detail in the rusty blackbird plumage. Black birds are so hard to photograph. Cheers.


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