Sunday, November 01, 2015

Birding Cape May

After the frantic activity of late September and most of October, a day of birding and photography in Cape May was a day of refreshment. I found no need to rush after this and that. Rather I just enjoyed what came.

There's always a highlight to a day of birding, though the highlight may often be a butterfly, a dragonfly, a blossom, or an encounter with a friend. On this day, the highlight was a bird - Eurasian Widgeon - 2 drakes in fact, though only one provided a reasonable photo op.

Eurasian Widgeon
Predominant among the songbirds was the Yellow-rumped Warbler. Common everywhere. Other which allowed their photos to be taken were Savannah Sparrow and Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

Yellow-rumped Warbler
Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Savannah Sparrow
One of my favorite winter birds is the Carolina Wren. This tiny bundle of energy will sing on almost any day of the year.

Carolina Wren
And finally ... an exotic. In the pond in front of the Hawk Watch platform, a Black Swan has been present for a couple of months. A native of Australia (and virtually a non-migrant) this bird is certainly an escapee from some zoo or private collection. Regardless, it was interesting to see, and a beautiful bird. The swan even has its own Facebook page: Black Swan of Cape May.

Black Swan of Cape May
Good Birding!!

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