Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Count around Brattleboro

The Brattleboro Area Christmas Bird Count was held on December 19 (takes me a while to get caught up with things).

Richard Foye and I again did the Dummerston route. Our highlight was a Northern Shrike, the only one seen in the Brattleboro area this year. Great look, but took off almost as soon as the camera came out, so only so-so documentation.

Northern Shrike in Dummerston

Highlight of he entire count and within our route area was a Townsends Solitaire, a western species decidedly out of range. It was first spotted in early December by Cate Abbott at her home at the end of a remote dirt road in a remote part of Dummerston. Richard and I were unable to find her property on count day, but she saw it two days prior (just before flying off somewhere for the holidays) and in the count week, so it counts. This was the 4th record for Vermont. The remoteness of the location where it was seen suggests to me that there are probably a lot of other rarities lurking in the sparsely settled regions of Vermont that go unseen and unreported.

Townsend's Solitaire in Dummerston. Photo by Cate Abbot

Finally, after a day in the field, we all gather at Hollie Bowen's home for the compilation potluck. Most of the counters clean up pretty nicely for the evening affair .

Yours truly with Richard Foye (r)
Good Birding!


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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that you had a Townsends Solitaire in Brattleboro! That bird is really lost!


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