Sunday, May 20, 2007

Leucistic Goldfinch, Indigo Bunting, New Feeder Birds

Since returning from our travels, I haven't gotten into the field for birding, but the backyard has been great.

A leucistic goldfinch has been a regular visitor.

We've had 3 (maybe 4) Indigo Buntings and at least 2 females for the last week.

Gray Catbirds have been regular diners on our suet. I don't recall seeing them on the feeders before.

Also, a female towhee was on the feeder, another first. Usually they're on the ground when they come to the yard.

Apologies for the fuzzy last photo. These photos are through our not real clean kitchen window using a Sony cybershot DSC-H5 w/12x zoom. For other examples of the photos from this camera, see "Recent Photos" on the sidebar.

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