Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Evidence of the early migrant fallout being reported in the Northeast was evident in the backyard the last couple of days, with large numbers of juncos, Song Sparrows, and robins busy feeding on seeds and old fruit. Evening Grosbeaks have returned as regulars at the feeders as well, and hopefully will be nesting in the area again this year.

The turkey flock continues to scratch up the seeds scattered from the feeders through the winter. 15-20 hens visited this morning. By watching them through an upstairs window, I succeeded in not scaring them off.

The toms were close by, though they were more intent on feeding than strutting. I guess this gentleman figured his stunning good looks did not need any further efforts, at least for the moment.

When I returned to the kitchen, the hens were immediately aware of my presence, and moved down toward the river. The toms were close behind ...

I'm still trying to get a photograph of a displaying tom that will leave me breathless, though I doubt any of the toms care one wit what I might think. For the time being, the hens don't seem to care a great deal.

 Though not the photo I am in search of, I must say this guy is quite impressive ...


Blair Cessna said...

Chris, I know the feeling about not getting the right shot yet as I experienced the same feeling this morning in my backyard as well. Although I did get some nice ones. I wish you luck Sir. Have a great day and thanks for sharing. I am now following your blog with continued interest.

Chris said...

Well, getting the right shot is not so easy! You can try several time for a single species without being satisfied. I guess that is the challenge. I still love the pictures you got and the presentation you did. So well done!

Folkways Note Book said...

Chris -- Not just the big tom is impressive -- all your post photos are impressive. -- barbara


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