Monday, May 30, 2011

New Photographic Warblers

This has been  a difficult Spring for photographing birds, but given the weather that many in the country have experienced, I have no complaints.

One week ago in southern New Jersey along Jake's Landing Road, there were brief moments when the overcast lightened and I added two warblers to my photographic collection.

First a parenthetical comment. In some birding hotspots around the country, such as southern New Jersey (Cape May) or southeastern Arizona, birding locales are so well known in much of the birding community, that identifying specific places, such as "Jake's Landing Road," provides others with information which may assist them in their birding, confirm what they have seen, help them plan a future trip, or elicit a "Darn, how did I miss that?!"

Blue-winged Warbler ...
Blue-winged Warbler
Blue-winged Warbler
Pine Warbler ...

Pine Warbler
Pine Warbler
Good Birding!


Julie G. said...

Fantastic, crisp photos of beautiful warblers. Absolutely stunning!

John (Tucker) said...

Wow...that Blue wing sat right up there for you. Beautiful photographs. Makes me want to go birding. :)


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