Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Great Day of Ordinary Birds

Recovery from Irene has gone much better and faster than I could have anticipated, given the amount of damage. In South Newfane there is still much damage that is evident, but roads are open, passable, and in condition that will allow them to be plowed when the snow comes.

At home, the leach field is replaced and we can once again flush at will. To protect the nearby bridge, the precipice on which we were perched, post-Irene, has been rebuilt and the river rechanneled to its pre-Irene bed. The debris and sand on the lower yard has been cleared. As much has been done as can be done until Spring.

And so ... with various obligations met, I headed to our small condo in Philadelphia for a period of rest. It began with a visit today to the John Heinz NWR at Tinicum. This small refuge is in the shadow of the Philly Airport and in the midst of refineries. Though it seems a disconnect, it is a place of quiet, in spite of airplanes taking off and nearby interstate traffic noise.

For the first time in weeks, I was able to walk slowly and turn attention to photography and birds. Nothing unusual, but who cares! Nothing will lift the spirit like the bubbling song of the irrepressible Carolina Wren ...

Carolina Wren
 When the Ruby-crowned Kinglets dropped in for a visit in South Newfane, photos eluded me. They were elusive today, but presented some limited photo ops ...

Ruby-crowned Kinglet
If the Mallard were a rare bird, we would fall over ourselves with glee at any sighting. The drake is a gorgeous bird. No wonder that this hen has a glint in her eye ...

The most common bird was the American Robin refueling on its journey south ...

American Robin
Nothing rare, mostly common, but ordinary birds deserve their own exclamation -- Good Birding!!

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Noushka said...

Lovely photos!
I like your ducks! They make a great couple!
Cheers, Chris!


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