Thursday, October 27, 2011

Waders at Brigantine

Wednesday I made an early morning trip to Forsyth NWR, Brigantine Unit, for some very enjoyable birding and photography.

The highlight was the American Bittern being inconspicuous in the grasses near the first observation tower.

American Bittern
In several locations there were immature Little Blue Herons ...

Little Blue Heron (immature)
Great Egrets were common along the entire loop road ...

Great Egret with American Black Ducks

Great Egret
Great Blue Herons were also common. Most were immatures ...

Great Blue Heron (immature)
Good Birding!!


eileeninmd said...

Beautiful birds and great sighting of the Americna Bittern. Wonderful photos, happy birding!

John (Tucker) said...

Excellent photo of the Bittern. Good photos of AB's are few and far btw. They move to fast.


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