Sunday, August 19, 2012

More Butterfly Garden

From the Kaufman Guide on Butterflies" "the first sighting of [a Giant Swallowtail] never fails to dazzle the observer."

That was certainly the case when this Giant Swallowtail (uncommon in southern Vermont) appeared in the garden ...

Giant Swallowtail
Giant Swallowtail
Near the other end of the size scale, the garden has attracted Clouded Sulphur, Pearl Crescent, Common Wood-Nymph, and Common Ringlet. 

(Parenthetically, butterflies are still quite new to me, so some IDs are tentative. Please help out with misidentifications or tentative IDs.)

Clouded Sulphur
Clouded Sulphur
Pearl Crescent
Common Wood-Nymph - (?)
Common Ringlet


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I have a difficult time getting photos when they flit around so and don't land for long.

Dan Huber said...

wonderful photos of a great assortment Chris.

Rohrerbot said...

Nice captures and really great shots of the Giant Swallowtail. It's common here in Tucson. In fact today, there was one hanging around our citrus trees. It's caterpillar time:)

Gerry Biron and JoAnne Russo said...

I think your common wood nymph is a common buckeye.

Garden Sheds Highlander said...

Awesome clicks! Those butterflies are really amazing. Great post!


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