Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rock River Revival Parade

No birds (or butterflies) in this post, but I need an outlet for family, friends, and neighbors to view images from the Rock River Revival Parade. Even so, this 6 minute video gives a good glimpse of small town (very small town) America.

On Sunday, August 26, the villages of South Newfane & Williamsville marked the anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene (8/28/11) with a community parade. The video below is a compilation of the photographs I took of the parade - an outpouring of community spirit.

Since I was a participant in the parade (look for an orange hard-hat on a lawn mower), the pictures are simply combined in roughly chronological order, beginning with the gathering and staging, photos from the perspective of a participant, the parade after I parked and could spectate the end, and here and there photos.

South Newfane resident Susan Keese reported on the parade for Vermont Public Radio. Listen to her report "Vermonters Take to the Streets to Remember Irene"

Visit the South Newfane/Williamsville VT Bulletin Board on Facebook for more photos from the parade, including Luke Stafford's soon to be posted video.


Anonymous said...

Ah,yes, I know Newfane. I grew up just up the road a piece. Yup, in Wells at the other end of Rt 30.

I'm happy to see the Williamsville Bridge in you presentation.

I shot the bridge in 2010
but stayed out of the effected areas in 2011. Maybe this year!

blogger said...

nice blog friend past vist me


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