Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring

Spring arrived a few minutes after 7:00 am, and to say that Spring is welcome is an understatement. The winter has been dreary with few bright days, but this first day of Spring was sunny and bright.

We welcomed Spring with a day trip to Cape May. As we arrived at the state park, a small group of birders was watching 28 Great Blue Herons crossing the Delaware Bay, joining up with those who stayed through the inhospitable winter months.

Great Blue Heron
 In the FOY category (first of year), it was a delight to have the Eastern Phoebe and Pine Warbler ...

Pine Warbler and Eastern Phoebe
Also in the FOY category were Killdeer in several locations, and a very shy Gray Catbird - skulking in tangles and unresponsive to pishing, suggesting that his hormones still haven't kicked into high gear ...

Gray Catbird
Other signs of Spring were seen in a pair of courting Fish Crows. If this gentleman appears miffed, it is probably because my stroll through the conservancy interrupted his wooing ...

Fish Crow
Along the Wissahickon Creek in Philadelphia, Wood Ducks have returned, most apparently having paired during the winter; drake and hen were consistently seen near each other ...

Wood Duck - drake and hen
Good Birding!

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Anonymous said...

So it is the first day of spring! About time! We have the killdeer up in NJ - there have been snatches of songs that might be Phoebe's but nothing conclusive besides hope yet!


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