Wednesday, October 02, 2013

More Attitude than Brains

Many young raptors have more attitude than brains (Sharp-shinned & Cooper's Hawk, Merlin) - which is why the hawk watchers on Putney Mountain put up a plastic decoy owl.

If the young sharpies, coops, or merlin had any brains they would know that a Great-horned Owl is nothing to mess with, but they don't have brains, they have attitude.

This morning, it was the sharpies. Two hatch year birds and one second year bird (who should have been old enough to know better) made repeated dives on the decoy, to the delight of the three watchers.

Here are a few images ...

Sharp-shinned Hawk (hatch year)
Sharp-shinned Hawk (hatch year)
Sharp-shinned Hawk (hatch year)
Sharp-shinned Hawk
Sharp-shinned Hawk (after hatch year - partial barring on chest)
 While the youngsters demonstrated their "attitude," the occasional adult just cruised on by ...

Sharp-shinned Hawk (adult)
Good Birding!

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Wilma said...

Looks exciting!


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