Friday, April 17, 2015

Home Remodeling

On an earlier morning walk on the Long Pine Key Trail, we watched Mrs. Pileated busy with home remodeling. Of course, woodpecker are compulsive tree excavators, so this behavior is not confirmation that they are in fact nesting, but let's not allow science to get in the way of a good story.

She was busy drilling out a nest hole that could serve for her family when she was ready to get into the family way. The wood chips were flying!

Every so often, she paused to preen a feather or two, then resumed her home remodeling.

Then she would pause again and look around, as though asking where he no account, not at all helpful mate was.

Back to work.

Her mate, in fact, was quite close by, though to all appearances quite oblivious to the work that she was doing. He seemed content to find the odd morsel among the pine bark, and let her carry on with the house tending as she saw fit.

Good Birding ! !

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Gisle said...

Fantastic pics!


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