Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Egret Convention at Heinz NWR

I was stunned on my recent visit to Heinz NWR in Philadelphia by the number of egrets (mostly Great, also Snowy) in the empoundment (along with many Great Blue Heron). Impressive and picturesque.

Egret Convention - I count 35+, a small portion of the gathering.

25+ egrets in this photo, plus at least 3 Great Blue Herons
 Still early August, but the signs that summer is nearly over were seen everywhere: recently fledged Barn Swallows, young Marsh Wren foraging for itself, Red-winged Blackbird feeding a fledgling, and a vangard flock of Semi-palmated Sandpipers.

Barn Swallows
Marsh Wren
Red-winged Blackbird with fledgling
Semi-palmated Sandpipers
 Although I could not find them, cicadas were singing loudly in the trees. Along the pathway, Cicada Killer Wasps were also active. 

Cicada Killer Wasp
Boardwalk at Heinz NWR
Good Birding!

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World of Animals, Inc said...

We always love stopping by for seeing the wonderful photos that you share. The barn swallows are absolutely wonderful to see. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a great day.
World of Animals


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