Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ravensnest Update

The kids were active today. Mom (or Dad) left the area just as I was finishing my climb and getting set up. The three chicks were moving around, stretching wings, and engaging in sibling squabbles over the food left behind. A friend who lives a few miles north of the nest usually sees ravens with fledglings foraging in his field in late May. I would guess that these young are within a week of leaving the nest.

Down in the West River drake Common Mergansers were abundant. There were several small groups of drakes entertaining a hen - or harassing her. From time to time, she returned the attention. I've seen mergansers flying up the river behind my home in the last couple of days.

And with a small break in the rain, sitting outside to watch the birds was a treat - this female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker being one such treat. They often forage on the willow tree, but nest somewhere further from our home.

Good birding!

1 comment:

Dawn Fine said...

Wow..this kids sure look grown up now..
I like the photos you are taking with your new camera!
I still have so much to discover on my Canon..Like...all of the manual controls..Yikes..I am such a novice..thank goodness there is an auto setting ..until I learn the rest.
We had a sapsucker here at my sisters..haven't seen it lately..humm..think I might need to take a look around.


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