Friday, August 14, 2009

Vermont Summer

A proportion of a Vermonter's summer is spent getting ready for winter! - hence gardens, canning, baking and freezing - and getting one's wood in for the winter. I did that today by stacking my most recent delivery of fire wood in the barn shop - this is a double row, and almost doubles what was already stacked in the car part of the barn.

About a half cord still needs to be moved - maybe tomorrow.

Grandkids left this morning. Great fun having them here, but it does wear one out. Stacking wood was a relaxation - although they did help this morning before leaving, to the degree that two six year olds and one three year old can help. Carys' two boys, Adam and Zachary, were here (oh yes, Carys too, and last week their dad also), and Tyra's daughter, Celia. This is Adam (6) ...

Vermonters also head to swimming holes when the weather gets hot - you know, 80 degrees or so. Our swimming hole is in the river out back. Here's Zachary (3) being helped by Celia (6). (Obviously good genes in their background, cute kind and smart kind!) ...

In the early evening I took my kayak to Sunset Lake. The loon chicks are doing well, carefully watched over by their parents.

A warm, pleasant evening, and water disturbed only by the dip of my paddles and the passing of the loons.


Kelly said...

...looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you! The loon photos are beautiful, the chicks so fuzzy and soft looking. Loved the last sentence--lovely description.

Unknown said...

Yet another "common bird" that I have yet to see. Will I find one on Cape Cod?

Party Tents said...

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