Thursday, November 05, 2009

November Images

I stopped by Dead Creek WMA yesterday to see the Snow Geese again - and again, they were far from the road, although there were feathers scattered about the field as a sign that they have been close, as reports have said. So no chance either to look for the Ross' Goose among the Snow Geese.

In a different direction from the Snow Geese is Mt. Mansfield, and it shows the white of snow on its summit. This morning there was also a dusting of snow on the grass around my home.

In Dead Creek there was a variety of puddle ducks, and the Great Blue Heron ...

Good birding!


Kelly said...

Good birding, indeed! Love the shot of the mountain. It must be wonderful to be able to turn around and see something so spectacular. We have hills, but no mountains, and I get excited when I see a hill! :-)

Chris said...

Hi Chris,
Eventually you will get close to the snow geese! And for now, it looks like you are getting closer to the snow than us... The snow is still at the top of the mountain but did not stay in the city for the moment. But it is rather cold now, around 0°C-2°C. So I guess that if it rains, snow will be there.

Wilma said...

The first shot of the great blue is just stunning; the lovely curve of its neck, the sinuous wing action, the open beak, the water splashing up, and the reflection in the water are captured so beautifully, Chris.


Hilke Breder said...

Nice shots of the Great Blue Heron, particularly the first one with the reflection in the water, it looks like calligraphy.

Unknown said...

What gorgeous pictures you take - even a dreary cold November day is transformed into a thing of beauty by your lens! Thank you, Chris.

Kim said...

Love all of the pictures Chris. The Great-blue Heron pictures are excellent!

Hope you get some close ups of your elusive Snow Geese!


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