Wednesday, December 09, 2009

First Snow

Saturday night we had our first measurable snow. A wet snow, it clung to the trees, and in Sunday morning's sunlight, gave us a fairyland of white. A passing wisp of air, or wing, or a chickadee landing gently on a branch, sent fluffy packets of white drifting to the ground.

One of our three Northern Cardinal females finds food in a seed head from our garden flowers.

Six Tufted Titmice make regular forays to our feeds, this one taking a sunflower seed from the feeder handing just outside our kitchen window.

Rock Pigeons, or doves, are often used as symbols of love or peace. That appears to be the case with these two as they cuddle up to one another. Truth is quite different. This was a part of a considerable scuffle on the platform as neither of these birds wanted to cede space to the other. The white one in particular did much aggressive wing flapping in the attempt to claim and keep a space on the feeder - as though the others might eat all of the abundance I set out for the birds.

As I write this post, our first real snow storm is underway, with several inches already on the ground. This storm has tracked across the country, with media reports of its intensity, hardships, and the like. Hawaiians take a spontaneous day off to ride, or spectate, the record-sized waves; Vermonters do the same with their skis. In the Green Mountain State, a monstrous snowstorm is a natural blessing.

Depending upon where you are - Good skiing, Good surfing, Patience & caution while shoveling - and of course - Good Birding.


Chris said...

Hi Chris,
i guess winter has its positive side, it is then much more easier to see birds seeking for food. I love the female cardinal but I have to say that this titmouse is an exceptional funny bird! Beautiful shots. You have more snow than we do at the moment

FAB said...

Hi Chris. Still mild, wet and muddy here so birding in wellies!
Great 'beak tip' control by the Tufted Titmouse.

Kim said...

Chris, your pictures are heart melting. Love the picture of the female Northern Cardinal. So sweet!

Kelly said...

...I would love to get a little snow right now! We have the wind, and flurries are predicted, but nothing measurable. Beautiful photos... I have to agree with Kim. You captured the female cardinal at the perfect angle. She is so pretty.


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