Monday, December 21, 2009


The winter solstice happened at 12:47 EST. It is now officially winter, and from this day forward, the amount of daylight will increase. At the approximate occurence of the solstice, I stepped into my backyard and took this picture of the river behind my home. It is already deep into winter. Open water on the fast moving stream is disappearing beneath ice. A foot of snow covers the ground.

While many celebrate the faint beginning of light’s return with revelry, we will cosy by the wood stove and offer a quiet toast.

As we begin to emerge from the darkness, I’d like to direct your attention to a couple of “enlightened” enterprises which I have recently discovered. These are complimentary notices.

First, birders are noted for their earth-tone attire and nerdy focus on ... birds. What few non-birders realize, is that beneath the plain exterior, birders can be very sexy. A short notice in the most recent Sierra magazine drew attention to Urban Fox ( and the hidden opportunity to get risque while remaining a green bird nerd. While no Victoria’s Secret, the company provides “super-cute undies” that are eco-friendly. “All our undies, etc., are designed, dyed, and sewn by hand in the sweet, sweet midwest out of machine-processed bamboo and organic cotton blends.” (Sorry, no photo example.

Second, Birds and Beans ( “We want to make sure that people who enjoy coffee and care about conservation can get great coffee that they know is good for bird conservation, family farmers and the environment. Our commitment to quality and service ensures that fresh roasted, great tasting ‘Birds & Beans the good coffee’™ fly’s straight to your door and into your cup. Birds & Beans® only sells coffee meeting the demanding, independent certification of The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. SMBC’s Bird Friendly seal is by far the most rigorous bird conservation inspection. Bird Friendly coffee from Birds & Beans comes from the best managed family farms in Latin America.”

Finally, Mr. Cardinal finally stood still long enough for a reasonable portrait.

Thanks to all visitors to this site, and especially those who take time to leave comments. Happy Holidays!


Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Chris: Birders can be sexy, I knew it!! Lisa might be getting some new attire soon... :)

Judging from the photograph of the river, you must live in a beautiful place. Happy Solstice, Happy Holidays!


Tina said...

Sexy birders!!..well yea!! and to top it off nothing like a good cup of coffee from birdsandbeans...pretty neat idea!
Love you river close to you house..I'm just a little jealous. I wish now I had purchased more land when we built our house..but youth, kids and a huge mortgage..prob got in my eyesight!!
I never got back to you about my little Alice Cooper (hawk) Alice visits us twice a week. I have had a cooper's hawk walking my deck and diving in and out of my ewes for two years now..obviously, I can't tell if they are the same bird..but definitely a coopers. Yes, it has made several catches of which I caught with my camera and posted..and once it swooped down to pick off a squirrel sitting on the feeder that is atop my ewes. He even sits in my oak tree, right off the deck and watches our 50 lb dog play with his squeeky ball..very seems hawks are becoming quite common in urban pa...last summer our neighbor had to stop cutting his grass b/c a red-tail was sitting on his front lawn eating a rabbit and had no intention of leaving..even after repeated trys on the neighbors part to get rid of it. ???
Thanks for stopping by my blog..always love your comments. Do have a nice Christmas.

Chris said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your wishes and I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy new year too... See you in 2010...
Cheers, Chris.

Deejbrown said...

Chris: You have done birders a good service! No more must I explain, "No, not 'just' a birdwatcher..." but living large and a member of the spirit of creation!

Carlib said...

Great stuff, Chris!
I wish you a merry Xmas and lovely cosy time by the fire with your family!

elvira pajarola said...

Hi lovely you stepped in my Tuscany, Thank You so much!

This little feathered creature is just MAGNIFICIENT; the red colours are wonderful and he seems not even very shy...!
Wonderful Pictures of these beautiful birds! compliments!
have a great day!see you!
ciao elvira


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