Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Common Tern

Continuing last week's trip to the Sandy Point on Plum Island on the Massachusetts coast:

Common Tern - adult ...

Common Tern - adult

Common Tern - juvenile calling loudly for food ...

Common Tern - juvenile

Common Terns on the wing - adult in center, juvenile to right, still calling ...

Common Tern - adult on ground and above center - juvenile on right

Interestingly, while several juveniles were calling in the area, this adult male brought food to a female (note band on leg) with obvious courtship behavior (strutting and posturing). In late August, I would think that the hormones were beginning to subside for the year, and that feeding young and preparing to migrate would take precedence. On the other hand, not far from where this pair was doing their dance, Least Terns were feeding recently hatched chicks.

Common Terns - courtship, late August

Good birding!


Unknown said...

Great shots. I've been without a computer or internet for weeks, and I really missed reading your blog. Glad to see it is as excellent as ever!

FAB said...

I would have thought it was a little late for courtship but perhaps pair-bonding to make sure she doesn't fly south with someone else! BTW great images Chris. FAB.

Dawn Fine said...

Excellent photos Chris! The last one is great!
Plum island sure is a fun place to bird..hope to get there in a week or two.
Happy Birding!

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Love the birdcouple picture! Actually, I always love all your pictures, Chris!



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