Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cape May Birds of Prey

The Cape May Fall Out on October 29 and 30 produced a smorgasbord for hawks. The small birds were everywhere, and the hawks were after them. One person I met started the day by seeing a kestrel at one end of a power line feeding on a yellow-rump, and a Merlin on the other end feeding on a yellow-rump. I was glad I did not have a feather in my hat, lest a sharpie or coops mistake me for food. A couple of sharpies came so close on their dive that I almost felt the rush of air as they dove after prey.

Cape May is one of the premier hawk watch and count sites in the world. Thousands of raptors pass over the watch tower every year. Almost every place I went, I saw birds of prey.

They are not easy birds to photograph, but on those couple of October days, I had many opportunities to practice. Here are a few images.

Red-tailed Hawk

Peregrine Falcon

Northern Harrier - juvenile

Bald Eagle - second year

Sharp-shinned Hawk - juvenile with full crop

Northern Harrier
Good birding!


Dan Huber said...

wonderful images Chris


Deejbrown said...

Awesome photos, as always! So...when is your book coming out???

Kelly said...

I always love looking at the owlish face of the Northern Harrier. Your capture of him are wonderful!

Unknown said...

All photos are well done. It must be quite a sight to see.

Chris said...

Well, ok, I did not see this post, I just close my eyes and go away ;-) Wow wow and wow, yes well, you could practice!! Very impressive sighting and nice pictures. I will never these guys over here... Only the gyr falcon and the white-tailed eagle can be seen and they are hard to find, not like the merlin (there is a couple breeding close to home)

Debbie Miller @HooootOwl said...

Wonderful captures/sightings during this hawk watch. I especially love the expression you captured on the juvenile Northern Harrier.

Harold Stiver said...

That is a fabulous series, Chris. Well done!!

I especially like the juvenile Harrier, I think the plumage is gorgeous.


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