Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Winter Tenacity - Spring Promise

In my Vermont neighborhood, winter is releasing its grip with great reluctance. On the north side of the barn, snow from the roof piles high, and melt slowly. The date for the last tiny patch to disappear is April 20. But this April 20, that final “snow out” is still several days away.

The tenacity with which winter holds on also provides the reason spring is such a special season.

Spring teems with the irrepressible urge to life. As the snow piles retreat, the pathways created by small creatures beneath the piles emerge from hiding. The landscape has never been barren and lifeless, except as seen on the surface and by my own narrow view. Hidden beneath the snow, life continued.

With the slightest warming, dormant bulbs burst with life. Snow drops bloom before the snow has disappeared. Urgently they push the all debris and litter out of the way.

The crocus do the same bringing color welcome color and the promise of more to come.

Spring is a promise of life. Birds return, or pass through on their way from more moderate climes to the south to the protein rich climes of northern woods.

American Tree Sparrow
Today is still gray and raw - but life awaits!

Good birding!


Blair Cessna said...

Another great post Chris. I so enjoy your way of doing your thing. Thanks.

Julie G. said...

Chris, a most lovely post! Beautiful images!

FAB said...

Must be a delight to see some early Spring blooms at long last Chris.

eileeninmd said...

Lovely flowers and shot of the Tree Sparrow. What a sweet looking bird.

Debbie Miller @HooootOwl said...

It has been gray and raw this entire week, I feel like going outside to find me a little piece spring after viewing this post :) Beautiful images.

Chris said...

It's about the same over here.. The winter does not want to removw its last traces... We barely have sun but at least the snow is gone... Only the temps are still rather low... Beautiful post Chris!


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