Tuesday, November 15, 2011

At the risk of ...

At the risk of compromising my status as a birder, I am posting photos of the Mallard. If this were a rare duck, we would fall over ourselves in finding ways to describe the handsome drake. But it is so common, easily tamed, and even self-domesticating, that it is typically ignored.

Mallard - drake
The Mallard is a dabbler (which occasionally will dive), usually feeding in shallow waters on a wide variety of plants and small creatures.

Mallard - hen and drake
Back to the handsome drake. We may overlook him because he is so common, but the hen is swept off her feet (or wings?) by the dashing fellow. This one unable to contain her enthusiasm - hooray to you, you wonderful, manly, hunk of duck!!

Good Birding!


Jen Sanford said...

Love it! "Hunk of a duck" definitely!

Laurence Butler said...

That goes for Starlings and finches as well. Under other circumstances they'd all be show-stoppingly beautiful, but as it is they're almost pests.
It's great that you can still appreciate the intrinsic beauty in the animals despite their commonness.

John (Tucker) said...

All of gods creatures have a place in the choir, eh! Even the dreaded mallard. :)

Not dreaded really. Just wish it wasn't one when I'm looking for a Redhead or a Cinammon Teal.

I took a few shots of a Mallard sitting in the snow in Plymouth last year and they are some of my best pics. Nice subject...great photos.

Dave said...

They are beautiful and one of the most recognized birds world wide.


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