Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reprise OMG Birds

In the "omigosh" category, I returned to the Wissahickon on Wednesday for the morning light on the 50+ Wood Ducks wintering in the river.

And ... 2 more images of the Eastern Bluebirds from last Saturday ...

Eastern Bluebird dining on a grasshopper

Good Birding!!


Denise said...

That last photo is my favorite.Oh how I love it!-Denise

Dan Huber said...

fantastic series Chris - wonderful photos.


Julie G. said...

Oh what a glorious sight that must have been to see so many Wood Ducks in one area. Love the bluebirds! Fantastic photos!

elvira pajarola said...

SUBLIME SUBLIMISSIMO, Chris....the thousand colours of the gorgeous little ducks on the sparkling water.....!!!!!

...each photo a spectacle...!!!!!

ciao ciao elvira


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