Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dabblers Take Flight - Case Study 2

The dabbling ducks (Genus Anas) are inhabitants of marshes, ponds, and small lakes. These habitats often are thick and tangled. When danger comes, they have to get up and out quickly. They leap into the air - virtually straight up - and then get going.

When any of these birds take flight, it happens so fast that we can easily miss the details.

This case study is from a burst of five photographs taken in less than one second. The Northern Pintails (hens) are the two in the center and cropped from the five photos.

Photo 1 - Mallard and 3 Northern Pintails take flight
Photo 1 - Northern Pintails
Photo 2 - Northern Pintails
Photo 3 - Northern Pintails
Photo 4 - Northern Pintails
Photo 5 - Northern Pintails
 ... and then they were gone in a blur ...

Good Birding!!


Dan Huber said...

Great shots Chris. Love your series on dabblers

eileeninmd said...

Great series on the Pintails. They are one of my favorite ducks. Happy Birding!

Chris said...

Excellent sequence Chris. Not so easy to do but yours is perfect.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Very interesting case study! I enjoyed this part is more fantastic for these birds take flight scenario. Thanks! @ flight cases


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