Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hawk Migration - Putney Mtn

Hawk migration is underway on Putney Mountain, Vermont. Today was one of the best early dates for the hawk watch with over 600 birds counted by the time I had to leave at 4pm - a good movement of Broad-winged Hawks, 9 Bald Eagles, Sharp-shinned and Cooper's Hawks, a single Osprey, American Kestrels, roaming Turkey Vultures (not in the count) and some resident Red-tailed Hawks (not in the count).

Among the few keeper photos are a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk and the Osprey ...

Red-tailed Hawk - juvenile
Butterflies were also active on this delightful, sunny day. A good count of Monarchs was tallied. Among other butterflies common today were the American Copper and Orange Sulphur ...

American Copper

Orange Sulphur
Good Hawk Watching!!

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