Sunday, September 23, 2012

Broadwing Bonaza

Friday yielded another large flight of Broad-winged Hawks over Putney Mountain, resulting in a total site count 45-50% greater than any previous year (at least according to my unofficial records).

Here's a sampling of images from the day.

Broad-winged Hawks led the way ...

Broad-winged Hawk - adult
Broad-winged Hawk - juvenile
Broad-winged Hawk - adult
Other hawks were also on the move, including this low flying Sharp-shinned Hawk ...

Sharp-shinned Hawk - juvenile
Some of the hawks were low enough to be easily seen. They provided many moments of excitement for the students who came to the ridge for an outdoor classroom.

A hawk watcher of the future?
With so many hawks overhead, including some hungry accipters, this Northern Flicker headed for deeper cover ...

Northern Flicker
Good birding!

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