Friday, February 21, 2014

Marbled Godwit and "Western" Willet

On the East Coast where I usually roam, the presence of the Marbled Godwit often draws special attention. Typically, it is also distant, often a bare speck in the spotting scope. So it was a treat to walk among dozens of Marbled Godwits on the state beach at Morro Bay and elsewhere.

On the early morning beach walk, mingling with the Marbled Godwits were "Western" Willets, another of those subspecies which many think should have full species status ...

Marbled Godwit
"Western" Willet
Marbled Godwits
Marbled Godwit & "Western" Willet
"Western" Willet & Marbled Godwit
Marbled Godwits
Marbled Godwits
Marbled Godwits & "Western" Willet

Some California beaches hosted hundreds of Marbled Godwits - just nine in this photo (2nd year Herring Gull)
Good Birding!!

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