Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ravensnest Update

I checked Ravensnest midday today. On my previous visit, parents were off foraging and the chicks were sleeping. Today all three chicks were up and active. Their wing stretching took on a noisy and chaotic tone when the parents returned for food. The parents' wariness about my presence was overcome by the need to feed their growing family. I am guessing that they are not long from fledging. I failed to note dates, but they must be close to a month old.

Photography Note: These photos were not digiscoped. I just got a Sony DSC-HX1 with 20x optical zoom. That gives me almost as good a reach as the older camera used with my scope. With these photos, it meant I did not have to carry heavy scope and tripod up a steep mountain side. Quality is still not up to SLR for something this distant, but adequate.

And BTW - good birding season is in full swing.

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Dawn Fine said...

Very nice photos taken with your Sony..I have recently purchased the canon version of the 20x zoom far I love what it does....but would love something smaller...I am considering having two or maybe three for my big zoom one for special stuff..and a small 3x optical for digiscoping..Is that crazy?


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