Thursday, June 10, 2010

... and More Riches

On Wantastiquet Mtn, I heard the Cerulean Warbler, but never saw it.

However, I had leisurely opportunity to watch a pair of Black-and-White Warblers carrying food to their nest. I did not try to find the nest, since they were a bit upset just with my presence.

Also gathering food by scratching among the leaves and forest floor debris was this Wood Thrush ...

Along an old railroad bed parallel to the Connecticut River, I found this one year old male American Redstart singing for all he was worth. The male does not acquire his black and orange nuptial plumage until his second breeding year, but this young man clearly hopes he charms will be noticed.

Unlike the more mature American Redstarts which almost never show any interest in "pishers," this one reacted immediately, flying back and forth, and singing with vigor ...

Good birding!


Wilma said...

The wood thrush is simply beautiful. I haven't had a chance to go out birdwatching at all this spring. :-( The only birds I am seeing are those that come to me. Although that has been pretty good so far, I haven't noticed an of them feeding families yet.

Unknown said...

Beautiful shots! Love the Black and White Warbler (which I find impossible to photogragh). I learned something new about the Redstart, too. Thank you!

Robin Riley Robinson said...

Okay i"m probably gushing now, but your bird images are outstanding. Something for me to aspire to, for sure

mach3 said...

Very nice!
Are these shot with a mirror lens?


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