Thursday, June 17, 2010

Other Creatures

This is such a good time of the year for birding, that I have neglected some of the other sightings.

Probably the most exciting was the Gray Fox which visited our backyard at last light this past Friday. We watched it forage for seeds, grubs, and insects. The photo is not great (through the window at 8:40pm, ISO 2500, Shutter 1/3 sec), but a great opportunity to watch a usually elusive and shy animal. I have only had a couple of distant and fleeting looks at this fox; favorite companion had never seen one

The next evening, about 8pm, I looked to see if the Gray Fox had returned. Instead, I saw this raccoon. We know that we have had visits from raccoons in the past, but this was the first time we have seen it.

In mid-May I posted photos of the mink which I saw along the Connecticut River. We live along the Rock River; in the sand at river's edge, we have found mink tracks regularly this Spring.

Early this month we visited a remote area of Somerset in the Green Mountains. We followed an old forest service road to a barrier, then parked and walked. A few hundred yards along the abandoned road we came to a beaver pond where we interrupted this young gentleman as he was having breakfast.

So as not to slight the smaller creatures, I include this Green Frog ...


Bill S. said...

Absolutly stunning photos. I about wore a moose home today on my truck. He wanted to go fishing with me!!!!!!

Chris said...

Wow for a change that's a change! Well done Chris, these are superb pictures and I love them all! BEautiful!!

Robin Robinson said...

Wonderful images and just the stuff I love! Our racoons have been very raucous lately, trying to get into bird feeders at night. Bums! I'm told we have Gray fox here but I've never had the pleasure of seeing one. HOpe I do soon. LOVE the green frog! How divinely brilliant - like a jewel in the swamp.


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