Wednesday, December 08, 2010

LBJ - Who Am I? - Quiz 2

Continuing the series of Little Brown Jobs (LBJs) begun on Monday, here are 5 more. I'll post the IDs in a few days. A hint - there may be duplicates within a post (though not today), or from a previous post.

LBJ #6

LBJ #7

LBJ #8

LBJ #9

LBJ #10
Good birding!


Dan Huber said...

Great shots of these birds.


Unknown said...

Beautiful photos. The last one is a white-throated Sparrow. The others I may be back, if I feel like parading my ignorance in public again. Boom & Gary Of the Vermilon River.

FAB said...

Super images in this and the previous quiz post. I think I may need a lot of time to scan through Sibley before offering any suggestions Chris.

Quiz said...

heya i liked this really good quiz.. thanks for the Business Quiz

Hilke Breder said...

#1 Chipping Sparrow
#2 Fox Sparrow
#3 Pine Siskin
#4 Song Sparrow
#5 White-throated Sparrow

Chris said...

Being a European guy ;-) I think I give up ;-) And I do not have any guide except internet ;-) But these are gorgeous Chris.

Kelly said...

...great images of the LBJs. I'll go with Hilke's choices. A fun series you have going!

Chad said...

Yes, very nice pictures! I agree with Hilke's! Thanks for posting, I always enjoy these type of posts!


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