Monday, February 07, 2011

February Thaw & Tropical Respite

Yesterday I heard someone claim that there was the proverbial "January Thaw" during the first day or two of the year. I missed it. But yesterday we did have a "February Thaw" with the temperature reaching 40degrees (4 C). The ice on the front walk melted, but there was no perceivable change in the height of the canyon walls leading to our kitchen door.

Today the thaw seems to be continuing - its 37 (3 C), and the platform feeder in the back is not higher that the surrounding snow pack by a few inches.

Basically, the world remains white, with grays and blacks.

So here are questions for the psychologists (real or wannabe) out there: With so little color in my current world, why am I compelled to post black and white birds from last year's March trip to tropical Trinidad? Is it memory of warm climes, jungles and marshes? Green backgrounds? Or some perverse fixation on winter that simultaneously smug about being tough enough for a New England winter and so weary of it that a world of color is a world away?

Whatever ... a few birds from Trinidad ...

Smooth-billed Ani
White-headed Marsh Tyrant
Greyish Saltator
Pied Water Tyrant
Good birding!

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Jen Sanford said...

I love that White-headed Marsh Tyrant! He doesn't even look real...


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