Saturday, April 07, 2012

Blackbird, Mockingbird, Ravensnest

The male Red-winged Blackbird intimidates his rivals and turns on the ladies with the brilliant display of his red epaulets. A photographic goal for this Spring is to capture first rate images of that display by a perched bird and one in flight.

The spring-like weather makes us think that the birds should be feeling as frisky as we do. But, it is still very early. The Red-wings are singing, but their epaulet display is still rather subdues, as though they are just warming up. Here are three early photos. The first is not a "display flight," but is the one I like best. The next two are perched males singing, but with half-hearted display.

"Taking Flight" - Red-winged Blackbird
Red-winged Blackbird - singing male
Red-winged Blackbird - singing male

While stalking the blackbirds yesterday, this Northern Mockingbird distracted me. There was no singing, but I enjoyed the sassy stance ...

Northern Mockingbird
I would like to describe the next photo as a joyous stretch in celebration of Spring's advent ...

"Ah Spring!" - Northern Mockingbird
... but the fact is, he was stretching for a berry.

"Carry-out Lunch" - Northern Mockingbird
Finally, I visited Ravensnest. Three chicks are in the nest. Even with the 400mm lens, it is a long shot across the quarry and significant cropping, so this is what I term a "documentation photo" ...

Ravensnest - Common Raven hatchlings

Good Birding!!


Jen Sanford said...

Ha, I love the sassy mockingbird stance! How awesome to see raven hatchlings too.. Great post.

Laurence Butler said...

That Mockingbird is excellent, great shots! It was great coincidence reading your post today, as the blackbirds down here in Arizona are just starting to really vamp it up with their calling and displays.

KaHolly said...

Such a refreshing post. I love the series of the mockingbird!! Hope you have a nice Easter. ~karen

dogkisses said...

Wonderful photos!


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