Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring and the Recovering River Valley

Last August Hurricane Irene scoured the river valley around our home in devastating ways. Most of our backyard disappeared in a few minutes on a Sunday morning when a huge log jam gave way. The river was returned to its course and we got our backyard rebuilt (see posts in September/October).

Now comes the recovery. In the next few days, we will have topsoil brought in and begin the process of lawn and yard recovery.

Some is happening of its own accord. I am especially happy to report that Belted Kingfishers are working the river behind our home - a sign that life is returning to what last Fall was a scoured riverbed.

Belted Kingfisher - female
Other Spring signs are beginning to show their teeming presence. Eastern Phoebes are singing in several locations, and I watched one pair which was well into their nest building.

Eastern Phoebe
Evening Grosbeaks have nested somewhere nearby in past years. They have returned. They are singing - they don't have much of a song, but it is a song. A couple days ago, it looked as though they were trying to break sticks from a bush, a probable sign that they are preparing to nest - hopefully somewhere nearby. And the gentlemen are splendidly attired ...

Evening Grosbeak
Song Sparrows continue their enthusiastic singing, along with robins (4:30am) - joined by chickadees, titmice, Chipping Sparrows, and others.

Song Sparrow
Goldfinches are singing their cheerful song, joined by a good number of Pine Siskins - probably more Spring siskins than we have had in recent years.

Pine Siskin with American Goldfinch
And finally ... the Red-winged Blackbirds are no longer tuning up. The girls have returned and the boys are fully into their display.

Red-winged Blackbird


Laurence Butler said...

Good to hear things are recovering Chris. That's a stellar Grosbeak shot--way to show the Bird of the Year!

Dawn Fine said...

Happy that things are in the upturn for you! Super shots!

Dan Huber said...

Great photos. Glad things are starting to turn around, and return to more normal

FAB said...

Hi Chris. It's good to hear that nature is reclaiming its territories after the devastation you all endured.


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