Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Grosbeaks Return!!

Last August, Hurricane Irene ripped apart my little village. In my yard, 14 years of developing bird friendly habitat disappeared - and just as quickly, the birds all but disappeared.

Our bank has been rebuilt, our septic system installed, and bird feeders put up. Soon we will begin replanting.

Over the winter, I have wondered what would occur with our birds. When I returned to Vermont last week, I was delighted to see that the birds had also returned - perhaps not in quite the numbers of the past, but they are here: red-wings, grackles, cowbirds, goldfinches - an occasional siskin or two - sparrows, and all of the other regulars.

Most gratifying was the return of the Evening Grosbeaks. For the last several years they have been present every month of the year and seldom absent for more than a few days. After the hurricane, they were gone. One made a visit in late October.

The Evening Grosbeaks are back! - not 10-15 as in the past, but 5-7. This photo was taken through the back door & storm door, so it lacks the quality I would like. But the quality is offset, for me, just by his presence ...

Evening Grosbeak
American Goldfinches are common at the feeders and around the year, their song a cheerful reminder of new life ... and they are quickly changing from their olive drab winter wear to the bright yellow summer wear ...

American Goldfinch (through the kitchen window)
The squirrels and chipmunks are out of hiding and gleaning the seed scattered by the jays ... or in the case of this enterprising individual, discovering that a few remaining rose branches can get him/her closer to the source ...

Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel on the "inaccessible-to-squirrels" feeder
And finally, a few more friends at the feeders. Maybe there is nothing unusual about these birds, but after the experience of last year, so very welcome!

Blue Jay
Mourning Dove

Song Sparrow
Good Birding!


Laurence Butler said...

Great to see the recovery and return to normalcy underway

FAB said...

Hi Chris. I'm sure it must be very heartwarming for you to find many of your wildlife friends have returned to your back yard after the disasterous events of a year ago.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of your feathered friends.

Wilma said...

The birds are saying "yea! The people who feed us are back!" Great to see this, Chris.

eileeninmd said...

Great collection of birds, the Grosbeaks are my favorite. Have a great day and Happy Birding!


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