Thursday, September 26, 2013

Random Images from a Hawk Watch

When the Broad-winged Hawk migration over Putney Mountain concludes, somewhere around the September 20-23, there is usually a lull until other species begin moving seriously around October 1. But there are always a few stalwart watches who make sure that those slow days are covered, and the few birds counted, and  just in case ....

But most of the action takes places other than in the skies overhead. Here are a few random images from Putney Mountain during the last few days ...

Hermit Thrush
Whittling away the watch hours

Migrating Blue Jays often pass overhead in significant numbers

School groups visit Putney Mountain, and sometimes serenade the watchers
Northern Flicker migration has begun
Golden-crowned Kinglet

Good Birding - wherever you may be!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good job, great pictures. I think that picture of the Hermit Thrush is spectacular. Great lighting, but still clearly visible.


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