Monday, December 08, 2008

Thistle Bird

Some birds I never tire of, and the American goldfinch is one. They've been back in yard in considerable numbers, dining on the seeds we put out. But occasionally they even choose the "natural" seeds from the flowers that filled the yard with such color only a few weeks ago - at a guess, this one is picking at bee balm, whose red flowers are is also a tremendous attraction for hummingbirds.

It is a delight to have the Carolina Wren as a new visitor in the yard - we have a pair. I hope they make it through the winter and nest in the area. There will be plenty of food for them. Just a fun bird - and very lovely, colorful even, against the usual dullness of the late fall and early winter.


Dawn Fine said...

great photos, thanks for sharing. I also love seeing the goldfinch ..we leave the garden messy here for the winter..and the finches love the dried seed heads.

Kim said...

I love the goldfinches too. I kept my bee balm in tact for the winter, but I wasn't sure if any of the birds would find it appetizing. I am happy to see that it has some appeal.

I am glad to hear the carolina wrens have made it to VT. I was worried about mine here in Massachusetts being able to survive the winter. If they are hearty enough to winter up in Vemont, than I should have no problem here.

Tom said...

Hi Chris: Great to see that the Carolina Wrens are continuing their range expansion. Hopefully it sticks around until spring and nests in your area.


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