Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Greater White-fronted x Canada Goose Hybrid

I was outside of the Philadelphia for Thanksgiving Weekend. Friday we visited Audubon's home at Mill Grove near Valley Forge. In the millpond on Perkiomen Creek in front of the home, I photographed this Greater White-fronted x Canada Goose hybrid. However, since this is the first such hybrid I have seen, if anyone thinks otherwise, please let me know.

The Mill Grove museum included an original folio opened to Canada Goose, other displays about Audubon, and this sorta restored study room. I include this photo because of the powder horn on the bed, reminding us that ornithology in Audubon's day was pursued with a shot-gun. Undoubtedly Audubon would have "collected" the hybrid specimen. I wonder if he would also have thought it another species. After he all, he did not have Sibley, Peterson, Stokes, the internet, and a host of other resources to consult.


Anonymous said...

Just found this post because I am looking up some strange geese I have run across. I think your bird is at least part Greylag Goose.


Drew @ The Nemesis Bird

Anonymous said...

It is a Chinese goose (domestic form of swan goose) x canada goose cross.

A canada x greater whitefront or canada x greylag would show at least partly pinkish or partly orange bill. As swan goose has an all black bill like canada goose, it is the more likely contender. also th head profile is typical for canada x domestic swan goose crosses


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